Sales, Leadership, and Business Development

We help individuals and organizations develop EXTRA-ordinary sales talent in a way that improves sales and grows your business! 

We use short bursts of teaching and coaching simulations along with live, on the job, one-on-one observation and coaching that matches the needs of the individual or organization.  We involve the learner in their own development and reinforce learned skills long after traditional sales enablement has been completed. 

Our unique eXperiential Leadership and Coaching (“XLC”) methodology provides a path for non-sellers and ordinary sellers to become extraordinary sales professionals.  XLC tools and methods help professionals retain more than the 13% of training content retained today!  We combine the concepts of microlearning, eXperiential learning, and coaching to achieve EXTRA-ordinary sales success. 

We DIG DEEPER so that everyone discovers and unlocks their natural ability to sell themselves along with their ideas, products and services! 

Individuals achieve better sales results and develop their executive leadership skills to facilitate growth and advancement.  

Organizations celebrate a better return on investment (ROI) in sales, training, tools, and processes and improvements in both executive leadership and management!