About Us

Dwight E. Spence is Founder, President, and CEO of D.E. Spence and Associates, LLC and of creator of D.I.G! (Develop, Improve, Grow).

Dwight is a Certified Professional Coach, Educator, Business Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Thought Leader. He is following his passion by working with individuals and organizations to develop sales and marketing talent in a way that improves results so that businesses can grow.

Leveraging over 30 years of experience in sales, sales executive leadership, sales management, sales enablement, marketing, product management, acquisitions, integration, and business development, he helps re-invigorate sales as a dynamic profession and a critical business resource to the organization. His extensive experience includes work as an entrepreneur, with non-profit organizations, and with large for profit corporations like IBM Corporation, Tivoli Software, Candle, Micromuse, Dell Computer, and their business partners.

D. E. Spence & Associates, LLC partners with Austin Executive Academy, LLC and Dialogue Diagnostics. to provide 360 degrees of service that includes assessments and profiles along with communication, content, and presentation skills enhancement.