Sales Talent Development

Transforming a Sales Team From Ordinary To Extra-Ordinary (EO)!

A well-staffed, skilled, and motivated sales team is vital to business success. When performing well, a sales team can ignite start-ups, fuel the growth of established companies, and power non-profit organizations to greater fund raising success during economic downturns. When not performing well, it can drag down revenue and profits of an organization and fuel the competition.

Ordinary sales teams yield ordinary results – only 50% of sales professionals achieve their assigned targets! Studies show that despite the effort to motivate, train, and coach sales professionals, the results continue to lag behind the effort. Even with an increased focus on (1) operations that adds more and more analytics to the running of the business, (2) enablement by doing either more or less training, and (3) management oversight of sales teams to make sales professionals do what we want, the results don’t seem to change much and we continue to get ordinary sales performance.

Enablement – specifically providing sales training and tools – always seems to be the one area that takes the brunt of the blame when sales professionals cannot sell. Studies show that 87% of knowledge acquired by sales professionals is lost when it is not reinforced and that 90% of all corporate sales training programs yielded 30-to-120-day increase in sales productivity before it returned to pre-training levels. Even knowing this, many of us believe that if we can just train more and provide better tools, we can change the results.

Extra-Ordinary results call for Extra-Ordinary measures! It is time to shift our thinking from enabling sales to developing sales!

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